Training & Mentorship Programmes

At, TalentSpark, my main aim is to ignite a spark which is lying subdued in your hearts and souls.  It is not just a formality to conduct a training session for so and so hours and then get lost. My main aim is to establish a bond with my audience and create a grand family which is able to encompass the whole globe under its purview. One-to-one guidance is also provided if required. The engagement can be one-time or on a regular basis viz. Monthly, Quaterly etc.

Various Training Options

CEO Mentoring

The senior managers also need few words of motivation because they are constantly handling tremendous pressure in and out. A small breeze of encouraging words is all they require to fire up all cylinders. My aim is to help them face the storm and learn to dance in the rain rather than running for cover.

Thought Leadership Events

You are what you think you are! So it directly correlates with the fact that your company is as good as you are. Isn’t it? My training will focus on the process of thoughtfulness, future telescopic vision and getting a holistic view of the happenings going around in your organization so that the best and the most convenient way out can be devised.

Board Meetings

Secret promises and oaths happen behind closed-door board meetings with the aim to help the company grow bigger and better. How to create a broader perspective in various areas which can impact big business? I would love to assist you in that.


Along with the live face-to-face events, I can also conduct webinars where in scattered audience can be given a chance to interact from a common platform.

Expert Content

My services can also be undertaken for creating and finalizing your reports, white papers and articles related with your company.

Digital Engagements

I can provide my consultation services through Hangout, Facebook, Whatsapp also if you require to be delivered to far off clientage like your offices situated out-stations or abroad. The format can be discussed along for the best interest of the target audience.

Counseling for Start-ups

Today’s India is ‘Start-Up’ India. From every nook and corner our Country’s talented people are coming up with novel ideas to create a masterpiece in terms of a product or service. At this juncture, they require somebody with know-how to guide and encourage them from time to time. My services are being offered here at rock bottom price because I myself am an entrepreneur and it will be my good luck to assist the next Google or Facebook of India. My target will be to give such strength to the entrepreneurs so that they can fearlessly take premeditated risks in their new endeavor.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leaders are not born, they are made! How can you become a natural leader in whatever field you are working? How can you overcome your shortcomings to excel faster towards ultimate success? My earnest quest will be to introduce you to a ‘New You’. With insightful perspectives and storytelling, we can embark upon a journey of self-discovery.

Inspiration & Motivation

Like sound or even electric wave gets weaken over a certain distance and we have to put in boosters to boost the signals. Likewise, we also need inspiration every now and then. If the situations are in a combat mode then this facility is required on emergency basis. In this session, my aim is to help you to get connected with your own hidden motivation which has lost its sheen due to unruly conditions. This session is to wake up the CHAMPION in you.

Balance & Harmony

“INNER PEACE” is an illusion we always strive for but very few actually attain it. Are there any secret mantras to get it or we can achieve the Nirvana through regenerating our basic thought process. Come, join this session to re-discover the Sage in you. You will learn how to be everywhere but not get drenched in the rain of sorrows. Always remain calm and composed by practicing some funny secret mantras and become an apple of the eyes of your loved ones.


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