World’s most famous personalities like Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, George Lucas, Richard Branson and many others have shown the world the art of PHILANTHROPY !

Charity Begins at Home!

You must have heard this statement N number of times and the beauty of this statement is that its truthfulness is eternal. You start a noble work and the world will follow the suit.

More than 80% of the humans living on this Earth do not know the true meaning of philanthropy. Donating few dollars for a charitable cause doesn’t mean that you have attained ‘Nirvana’ (meaning Inner Peace and freedom from re-birth). Philanthropy means to bring light to someone’s life by your noble and selfless deeds. No desire to get any kind of recognition is the first requisite of philanthropy but alas we are humans and we want ‘receipt’ of our good works. (You can smile here !!)

We as a team of dedicated youth also assist people interested in corporate philanthropy. We can arrange donation camps in Blind Schools, Orphanages or in slums wherein you can actively participate to spread happiness and sympathy to the deprived.

Philanthropists are most welcome to guide us further in this noble direction because collective efforts are very much needed in order to break the spell of sufferings from the lives of millions.

For various Philanthropic programs you can contact us through email or this website.

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