Hi Friends

A very good morning to you!

I am Dr. (Prof) Naresh Malhotram a Ph.D. in Management Economics. I have also done MBA(PR-London) & MBA(IBM). I’m into teaching, mentoring, counselling and training the Indian Youth for more than 2 decades and I feel a lot contended seeing my students soaring at great heights of their respective career journey.

I have been a visiting faculty at ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and with god’s grace I am the recipient of continuous non-stop love & affection of thousand of students whom I have taught through Satellite or face-to-face classes.

My students know very well that I have always worked relentlessly to serve them and help them to excel in studies as well as in their life.

This blog was created by me to render my helping hand to all the students irrespective of the fact that whether they have studied from me or not. My aim is to reach more and more students and act like a catalyst in transforming their life from ordinary to special.

God bless you all always so that you keep learning and keep growing professionally and intellectually.


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