Color psychology: How colors affect buying decisions

color coding

Color Psychology: the study which deals with the fact that colors  do affect our mind may it be our buying decisions.

Hues(colors) impact 60-80% of procurement choices and this is the reason shops and retails pick their hues after much pondering. Lets discuss about the psychological effect of eight main colors on your spending, how light and dark colors affect our clothing satisfaction.


Color Psychology of Blue:

  • Trust

  • Peace

  • Profitability

  • Security

Prevalent Among:-

  • Fund Firms

  • Aircrafts

  • IT Firms

  • Attire

  • Individual Care Products

  • Renowned Brands

  • Nivea, Indigo, Facebook, Dell, Ford, JP Morgan


 Color Psychology of White:

  • Cleanliness

  • Virtue

  • Advancement

  • Trustworthiness

  • Clarity

Prominent Among:-

  • IT Firms

  • Excellence Salons/Products

  • Medicinal services

  • Attire

  • Popular Brands

  • Brut, Hugo, Bros, Lee


  • Spells Modernity

  • On the off chance that you’ve asked why you continue purchasing white portable PCs, tabs and telephones, this could be the reason.

  • Prompts Clean Feeling


Color Psychology of Green:

  • Tranquility

  • Development

  • Feeling of Prosperity

  • Serenity

Well known Among:-

  • Nourishment Products/Outlets

  • Human services

  • Money Firms

  • Family unit Products

  • Well known Brands

  • Tropicana, Dabur, Videocon, Android


  • Calms Mind

  • As it quiets you, you are prone to invest more energy in a green store, winding up purchasing more.

  • Remains for Money, Growth

  • You will undoubtedly trust money related organizations with green logos.

  • Freshness, Health

  • Most veggie lover eateries use green to welcome clients


Color Psychology of Yellow:

  • Brightness

  • Good faith

  • Inventiveness

  • Voracity

    Mainstream Among:-

  • Sustenance Products/outlets

  • Family unit items

  • Well known Brands

  • McDonald’s, National Geographic, DHL, Nikon


  • Expands Energy, Appetite

  • You are prone to be attracted to such fast-food joints.

  • Raises Cheer, Warmth

  • Window customers are particularly pulled in to shows in yellow.


Color Psychology of Orange:

  • Richness

  • Empowers Appetite and Social Communication

  • Eagerness

Famous Among:-

  • Portable Companies

  • Social insurance

  • IT Firms

  • Celebrated Brands

  • Nickelodeon, Micromax, Xiaomi, Barista


  • Energizes Action

  • In case you’re an indiscreet customer, stores will take advantage of orange stylistic layout to make you purchase.

  • Instigates Cheer, Communication

  • You will be tricked to bistros and cafés with orange since eating and mingling makes you cheerful here.


Color Psychology of Red:

  • Energy

  • Power

  • Peril

  • Fervor

  • Hunger


  • Makes Urgency

  • It will draw in you to deals.

  • Fortifies Appetite

  • You will be baited by such diners and nourishment joints.

  • Expands Heart Rate, Passion

  • You’ll purchase more at Christmas time and on Valentine’s day.


Color Psychology of Pink:

  • Feminity

  • Empathy

  • Well being

  • Satisfaction

Prevalent Among:-

  • Aromas

  • Excellence Salons/Products

  • Ladies Apparel

  • Toys

  • Renowned Brands

  • Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Barbie, Pond’s


  • Young ladies Like Pink

  • You will undoubtedly spend for pink dolls and gowns with a moaning little girl to force you.

  • Engages your Feminine Side

  • This is the reason you are pulled to delicate pink.


Color Psychology of Purple:

  • Victory

  • Solace

  • Eminence

  • Imagination

  • wisdom

  • exotic

  • spiritual

  • prosperity

  • respect

  • mystery

  • Sense of Royalty

Prominent Among:-

  • Medicinal services

  • Fund Firms

  • Excellence Salons/Products

  • Extravagance Items

  • Popular Brands

  • Trademark, Cadbury, Yahoo, Moov.

You will promptly dole out cash for excellence items bundled in purple since you think it has unique properties.

this is also justified regardless of the cash spent.

Color Psychology of Black:

  • Advancement

  • Excitement

  • Well being

  • Productivity

Famous Among:-

  • Clothing

  • Autos

  • Extravagance Items

  • Sports

  • Celebrated Brands

  • Adidas, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana

Each lady needs dark in her closet and you will promptly pay to pick these.

On the off chance that you purchase an extravagance or top-end auto, it will unquestionably be in dark.



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