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While searching for a bride or a groom on online portals, seldom you will find any filter stating the habits related with finance – spending, saving, investing, financial planning etc.

ET Wealth carried out an interesting survey among couples asking them about the various habits related with money.  They complied the entire survey on various important issues like how to manage money after marriage, what are the good habits and bad habits related with finance in your partner etc.

One of the important questions been asked to the couples was regarding the price of the gifts presented to their partner. Interestingly, the married couple do not think much about the price of the gifts which is a very healthy sign of their financial awareness. If you visit a financial consultant then he will also suggest you the same – lower the wasteful expenditures of expensive but useless gifts.


The wives in particular were more interested in investing the amount instead of spending that for useless reasons. Around 45% women said they will certainly be happy if their husbands do so.


ET Wealth also tried to find out the main reasons of fight between married couples and the two top reasons cropped up were –

1. Spending too much from the point of view of Men

2. Not Saving Enough from the point of view of Women



3. Among the age group 20-25 years, another major reason of quarrel over finance was Wrong Investments made by either of the partners.


It was observed that as the couple grow older, the fight over money reduces considerably. It can be safely assumed that, the younger the couple greater is the challenge to save for their retirement. The older couple usually attains nirvana on this topic in their yester-years.


Attention all , the most important fact is here now:-

Men wants their partner to be a careful spender who lives within means

Women are desirous that their partner should be well-informed about all the matters related with finance and he should make smart choices in terms of investment and future financial planning.


So guys, you need not be the MD of bofa (BankOfAmerica) to impress your lady love. What you need is a fine sense of personal financial planning. We are not so open in visiting a financial planner and discuss about our finance as we want to keep it under cover but still acquiring sound knowledge about it and planning wisely is enough to score high on a scale of wealth management parameters. 


Honestly speaking, a sound financial planning and carefully articulated retirement planning can lead the relationship of married couples in eternal bliss. 

So guys, want to know any Valentine Ideas this love season – buy a nice Gold Coin for her instead of any ornament !


Think about it friends.



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