CES 2016 Las Vegas New Inventions

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Hi Friends,

The 2016 edition of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which was being held in Las Vegas USA has shown quite exciting innovative products. I am enlisting a few here under:-


  1. Smart Helmet by BMW

This helmet makes your journey safer than before. The rider can get all the information like speed limit, road signs, traffic situation, tyre pressure, oil and fuel levels, travel speed, current gear etc. on the visor of the helmet itself while driving. There are two cameras also installed on the helmet to help the rider see at the back and on sides. The cameras have the capability of video recording also.


2. Solar Tandoor by GoSun

This Tandoor can cook food, roast your kababs by using the eternal sunlight and hence can prove to be extremely pocket friendly and eco friendly off course.


3. Smart Belt

No need to use or buy fitness bands to track your physical activities or gym workouts. Now this will be done by the Smart Belt – Belty Good Vibe Smart Belt. This belt can perform each and every function of so called smart bands to track your fitness regime.


4. SYNC 3 by Ford Motors

The company introduced the latest version of its already hit car infotainment system SYNC. This new version can support Both Apple and Android car plays. The support to these mobile operating platforms is already installed in this infotainment system. From 2017 onwards, you will get this system installed in every ford vehicle.

5. Smart Washing Machine

This smart washing machine can itself detect whether the clothes are properly washed and cleaned or not and accordingly it can set its program to do the needful. This machine has been introduced by an inventor named – Glen Reed


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