50% Discount on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops – Where to Buy at heavy Discount?

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Welcome to the new unheard world of REFURBISHED DEVICES


As per common man, Refurbished devices are those products which were returned by the customers to the company particularly under exchange schemes, or they came with damaged boxes, the boxes got damaged in retail shops during storage, customers returned the product after brief use. These returned products are thoroughly checked by the company engineers for any defect and the issues are rectified. Then these products are repacked and sent for sale as refurbished devices. Since they are again put up for sale, so the price difference can be huge which definitely benefits the customers.

Listed below are few websites from where you can buy these refurbished products. Some of them also have local stores so that customers can visit there personally. You have to check that with individual websites.

  1. Gobol.in

    They directly source the products or devices from the manufacturers so that they can get brand authorization. They also have new products at nice discount.

  2. Surpluss.in

    They also have home appliances besides mobile phones, tablets and laptops. They cater to mainly those products which are open box products means they have opened for inspection or demo at shops and later returned by the retailers to the company.

  3. Reglobe.in

    Here you can even sell your old devices. TVs and home appliances are also accepted here.

  4. Greendust.com

    Kitchen gadgets, healthcare equipments, tablets, desktops , mobile phones etc can be found here. 3-day replacement guarantee and 3 to 6 months seller warranty is also given here.

  5. Togofogo.com

    This site gives 1 year warranty or refurbished products. This warranty is sponsored by warrantybazaar.

  6. Karmarecycling.in

    They sell the devices through Ebay stores to give a better sense of security and brand recognition. Ebay paisapay factor is involved to give customers better satisfaction in dealing with this site.

  7. Valuecart.in

    As a new player, they are dealing only in mobile phones at the moment. They also offer manufacturer and seller warranty

  8. Overcart.com

    They offer 7 day return and exchange warranty and that too brand warranty instead of seller warranty. They also have accessories of tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

  9. Reboot.co.in

    They are registered with Microsoft as their official reseller of refurbished products mainly desktops and laptops. They also offer refurbished fitness trackers. Here you can even customize your desktop as per your specifications.


I hope young Indians, who are always at the look out of value deals to save money while fulfilling their dreams of owing branded gadgets , will find the list quite useful.



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