10 Pointers of Paris climate change conference

Paris climate conference 2105 has unanimously chartered out the agenda for tackling rising global temperature by underlining the following Pointers:-

  1. Long term ambition to control untamed weather change problem – All the member nations agreed to keep the limit of temperature increase to 1.5 degrees.
  2. Deciding for a five-year target evaluation cycle – From the year 2020, all the countries will communicate well in advance about their targets regarding climate improvement and it should be done once in every five year.
  3. Enhancing the targets every time new targets are set – It means targets should be set higher than the previous ones.
  4. Exchange information with each other regarding compliance of the targets set.
  5. Improving innovation in technology- This is to aim at increasing the investment in energy innovations e.g. solar energy plus other renewable and low-carbon energy sources.
  6. Following a full-proof transparency system among the member countries – This is to make sure that the countries are constantly in touch with each other’s efforts and act in tandem and not isolation to bring about the necessary changes.
  7. Submit complete record on Green-House Gas Inventories – This aims at bringing out the truth to the world about each country’s actual contribution in the global warming and establishing responsibility accordingly.
  8. Strict adherence with the protocol set in the conference – To ensure that the member nations are truly following and fulfilling their commitments in this regard.
  9. Mitigation process simplified – The complete details of the steps taken by each country will now be shared through this common platform so that they can learn from each other at the same time the evaluation of the process undertaken can also be ascertained.
  10. Setting up a Technical Review Process – This process will evaluate the countries’ performance in direction of maintaining the standards been set in the conference and the countries will also be able to get along in multilateral reviews and share their experiences with each other.
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