Say no to Chinese Firecrackers

“Chinese firecrackers online shopping”

 This search tag has become hot favorite of the educated and net-frantic Indian gentry during the festival season of Diwali. Everybody is interested in buying Chinese crackers through offline or online.

Recently an article came in The Times of India throwing light upon the extreme harmful nature of the Chinese crackers being smuggled in the Indian markets and gleefully bought by not so smart Indian consumers.

There’s no doubt to the fact that these over-smart consumers must have made their day by saving a handsome amount because the china crackers are very cheap in comparison to the Indian crackers. Even they are buying crackers through online shopping.

Import of Chinese crackers is banned in India under the Explosives Act because these crackers contain chloride and perchloride in the form of raw material which are grade-A explosives. These explosives like Chlorides are 90% cheaper than the Nitrates which are used in the Indian Firecrackers. They are more colorful, vibrant and eye-catchy in comparison to the Nitrates.

It is believed that the Chinese firecrackers are smuggled through Bangladesh under the disguise of “made in sivakasi (India)” mark. These crackers are brought hidden with the consignments of toys and introduced in the market just before Diwali for ‘flash-sales’. Even before the authorities think of swinging into action, the sale is over and the crackers are already part of ashes.

Just read the details in the image given below and you will understand what cheap explosive raw materials are being used by the Chinese crackers manufacturers which are totally banned in many countries. Still, Indian consumer needs only discount. Who cares about the environment and one’s health?

Next time you shop for firecrackers online, choose Indian crackers and help the dual cause of polluting the environment a little lesser and saving the Indian firecracker industry.

stop stop bursting chinese firecrackers

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